Why Safe MedTours?

1. German Standards

Safe MedTours is a 100% German company strictly follows German rules up to the highest standard.

2. Easy & Fast

Safe MedTours cannot stand delaying your requests and booking through us is easy and simple.

3. Premier Service

We offer premier service to our clients, through a wide range of experienced non-medical German partners ( chauffeurs, translators, hotels, transfers & etc. ) & professional German medical facilities.

Our Services

The Company's services will be more comprehensive than any competitor in this industry.



Our Partners

In today’s competitive environment it is becoming increasingly essential for organizations to concentrate on their core activities so as to gain and maintain a competitive advantage.
This brings out the advantage of undertaking strategic alliances with organizations that the firm may benefit from and vice versa.
Safe MedTours has very strong partnerships with several reputable medical facilities, hotels, translators, car rental agencies, embassies, and travel agencies so as to be able to deliver customer wants.